10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

The internet is a great platform that brings ample opportunities to earn money. Virtual jobs aren’t easy but they do give you the comfort which traditional jobs don’t. There are tons of benefits you can find in online jobs without investments. We all desire a job that pays us well, a job without investments, that can give us a proper living with ease of comfort and hence is a smart way to make more money. When you’ll search how to earn money online, you’ll come across multiple options to choose from. You might have come across pages that demand you to download apps. 

For your comfort, we have narrowed down our research to the 10 best online jobs that will help you make money without investments. 


10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

#1. Affiliate Marketing and Facebook Marketing

Affiliate Marketing requires you to write apt descriptions of a product or a brand that you wish to promote.

The process is simple: find a product that you believe in, promote it via your social media channels, and voila, you start earning! 

You get a commission every time a person buys a product using your link.

Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing program is an excellent palace to start especially if you’re new to this field. 

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can easily promote products via Facebook to earn more money. 


Skills required to be an affiliate marketer are:

  • Good content writing and editing skills
  • The ability to create compelling posts for your social media channels
  • Promotional skills to market these posts to your audience


To start earning money via affiliate or Facebook marketing:

  • Set up a Facebook page
  • Start promoting your page and posts and encourage people to buy using your links
  • Start running ads for a better response


The best part is, you can increase your earnings exponentially and make it your full-time job!


#2. Usability Testing Jobs

This job requires you to test the apps, websites, software thereby providing them with the rating/feedback to the developer.

You have to explain to them how easily the app, software, and website can be used by an average user.

In a nutshell, you have to tell them the efficiency of the interface, whether it’s easy or difficult to use and errors if any. 



There’s no required skill or knowledge that you need to become a software tester.

You can easily earn money through this job as you’ve to just follow the drill.

You simply have to create an account by signing up on a website and have to finish the task assigned to you. 


#3. Photography


It’s such an effortless job as it does not require any specific skill, all you need is a smartphone with a good camera.

You need to capture good photos and then upload them on websites or apps.



  • You need to install the apps related to that.
  • You’ll be then assigned with the task to capture a photo, whatever is specified. 
  • Then upload to websites that pay well.
  • Get paid instantly. 


Sounds simple, right? Go, start snapping!


#4. Micro/Part Time Jobs

Small doable jobs are assigned, which when completed gets instant payment from the client.

These jobs comprise simple tasks such as link building, logo making, designing, photoshop, video editing, proofreading, content writing, etc.

You don’t require desired skills to do these jobs, simply can learn them on Youtube by spending 1-2 hours. If you’re a student or a housewife, you can easily make money through them. 


#5. Instagram Marketing Jobs

Instagram Marketing Jobs

Instagram is a great platform with over 800 million active users.

Nowadays, due to its gaining popularity, small and big companies have adapted to it and have started considering it as a marketing tool to promote their brands.

They collaborate with the influencers that have huge followers or traffic, to reach out to people to gain more followers.

If you’ve got a decent number of followers, then you can be an influencer too.

Christiano Ronaldo makes $466,100 per sponsored post. He’s a dream celebrity for any sports brand endorsements.


You can earn through Affiliate Marketing

You have to write appealing descriptions to attract more customers to make them buy products from your link.

Like Facebook, you can earn money through Affiliate Marketing on Instagram and in fact, is a  great platform to earn money without investments. 


#6. Teaching your Mother Tongue/Native Language

Teaching your native language or your mother tongue is quite a comforting job and it pays you a decent income as well!

A lot of people have the curiosity to learn new languages because of various reasons:

  • To get a foreign job
  • To study abroad
  • Grow the business in other countries
  • To travel to different countries


You can take it as a part-time or a full-time job. You can get tons of websites where they pay you for teaching and you can get yourself registered. 


#7. Build Chatbots

Build Chatbots

Chatbots helps you to communicate with clients or customers and is an important part of customer support.

Generally, industries use it to interact with clients and customers and are an effective way to get in touch with potential and existing customers.



  • You can learn it online and the best part is that it doesn’t require you to have coding knowledge. 
  • Sign up on different portals to get more in touch with more people.
  • You can help the companies build chatbox, and would get paid instantly.


You can easily generate a decent income by making chatbots. 


#8. Content Writing

You can find billions of websites on the internet, and every website requires a prolific content writer who has the ability to write good articles, poems and essays. 


Required Skills

You should have a good command of one (or more) languages and should be good at writing.

You can work for 2 hours on the websites and it will make you earn money.

And if you don’t have a good command but want to dive into this, start reading books/novels as much as possible, that will help you work on your vocabulary, also you’d gain a lot of insights about the content which will help you write creatively. 


#9. Proofreading

Proofreading is an act of correcting the grammar and the typing errors, styles, spellings, of a given text.

It is best for students as it doesn’t involve any kind of investment.

But in this field, you have to be a Grammar Nazi and if you aren’t well acquainted with the grammar, then you can learn it online. 


#10. Listening Music

Listening Music

Listening to music gives us a calming effect. But are you aware that certain jobs can pay you just to listen to music?

If you’re an avid music lover, then you can take up this job to earn some extra money.

You get paid for voicing your opinion and you have to just express the opinion, whatever is in your mind and will help you make money. How cool is that?


The Takeaway

These online jobs are convenient for anyone who’s looking to make a few bucks without working too much.

These jobs give you the opportunity to convert your spare time into money without doing any traditional job. 

Most of the online jobs present on the internet require investments and are scams but the silver lining is all of the jobs listed above by us don’t require any kind of investment and are the smartest way to start earning money. 

There’s nothing which you can’t learn online these days, so if you haven’t got the required skills you can easily learn it online in a few days.

These jobs will pay you a decent income without any hassle. 

These were our best ways to earn money online. How would you earn money online and which portals would you use? Tell us in the comments section below!

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